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5 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy An Android TV Box

Are you thinking about buying a Android TV Box, then here's 5 things you should know before doing so!

1. Don't Buy Fully Loaded Boxes.

Fully Loaded sellers are making illegal sales and the authorities are clearing them out. There are Android TV boxes that the seller says "Plug and Play", what they have done is installed Kodi and installed very basic apps that in 9 out of 10 cases will consume over 80% of your hard drive space. What do you think will happen to your warranty and support if the seller just disappears? 

We sell our boxes safely and within the boundaries of the law, and we also make streaming easier for anyone. You get a hassle free experience without any of the hard work sourcing streaming links and you know we aren't going to disappear from the e-bay or Amazon market place.

2. You get 12 months Warranty 

Android boxes can sometimes have problems and you need to make sure you have the right warranty, with us we offer 12 months warranty so if anything ever happens then we will replace or fix free of charge. If you are buying from a fully loaded seller they are very likely to disappear in a month and your warranty will disappear. Wizard TV Box has now been around for over 1 year. 

3. You get the best support possible. 

One of our most common reviews is how good our after sales support is, you may have problems when first setting up your Android TV box and thats why we are here to help, we would like to say our support is one of the best out there and will always do our best to make our customers happy. 

4. Kodi is not great for first time buyers. 

Using Kodi on an android TV box can be a pain and especially for people who are using it the first time, there's a lot of constant updating and so on. We now use our own version and app and now have made the whole process a lot more easier so now kids can use it! We also manage the updates for you so you can sit back and relax. 

5. Not all Android boxes our the same. 

Like mobile phones, Android TV boxes are constantly evolving. Last years best Android TV box is this years joke. Lots of the information may just look like a bunch on numbers and silly words but you need to focus on the Processor and Memory, for our Wizard TV Box we use 8GB Flash Memory and an A7 processor chip, to put that in prospective most boxes use an A5 chip which is a lot slower. We only use the best quality because we want our boxes to last as long as possible and meet your streaming needs. 


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