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The Wizard TV Box is a one time cost! More and more people are cutting the cord every year and saving money

The Wizard TV Box is the perfect Android Box to turn your TV into a Smart TV! 

So what is a Wizard TV Box?

A Wizard TV Box operates with Android. On android you can use all the Google apps on the Google Play Store. With a Wizard TV Box you can get access to all of these apps direct to your television.

There are thousands of apps too chose from on the Wizard TV Box, such as streaming apps, educational apps and even gaming apps!

Of course which apps you choose to download is down to you. If you are looking for an app to watch TV shows and Movie streaming then the choices are there for you to able to download it. If you are looking for Sports content to watch live sports, then the choice is there for you to be able to download anything yourself. There's something for everyone on the Wizard TV Box. 

Why buy from Wizard TV Box?

We aim to provide excellent value for money. The Wizard TV Box will work in every country, all you need is an internet connection. The Wizard TV Box comes pre-configured in all languages! 

We offer the best technical and customer support out there. We are here 24/7 so you can send us an email or speak with us on live chat and we will respond to you as fast as possible and fix your problem.

At Wizard TV Box, we do not offer pre configured “Fully Loaded” Boxes, let’s leave that to the other sellers on auction sites, that offer you no guarantees, no support and in some cases cloned non genuine Smart TV Boxes that will not last as long.

The best thing about the Wizard TV Box is that YOU have the choice on what you want to download, You can download apps to stream movies, you can download apps to watch live TV or download apps to watch sports.

If you have any feedback or questions, or just want to say hello, then please contact us below and we would love to help.


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